Meet Phyllis Gillenwater from the Sunway Charters’ Charlotte Office

Phyllis Gillenwater

Phyllis has been with Sunway since October 2016 and serves as a Sales/Travel Consultant. A wealth of information and experience, Phyllis doesn’t just handle quotes & bookings. Phyllis’ approach to working with clients is more of a consulting manner for their transportation needs. Many times, callers aren’t sure what they will need or may need help working through the logistics for their groups. Phyllis also serves as Sunway Charlotte’s office manager.

“I had my own delivery service company in North Carolina. I moved to South Carolina for a time where I worked at a motorcoach company, so I was already familiar with the industry. When I moved back to Charlotte, I called an old friend who worked at Sunway and that is how I ended up here!” explains Phyllis.

“I have helped many people who are trying to secure transportation for a son or daughter’s wedding and find they just don’t know where to start. It is gratifying when I can help them figure out what they need and get the process started for them. I really enjoy helping people who really need some guidance, as well as their gratitude and relief when we get it worked out for them. I really enjoy the work environment here at Sunway.”

When she’s not at work, Phyllis enjoys raising chickens and working outside in her yard. She also takes care of her young granddaughters on the weekend and enjoys doing fun and educational things with them. “I love going to the movies or reading a good book sitting on my outside swing.”

Phyllis – we love having you as part of the Sunway family – we don’t know what we’d do without you!

Sunway Charters has a reputation not just for great transportation services, but also for the culture they create within, and the caliber of the people they hire.