Sunway Charters. A Well-Oiled Machine.

North Carolina, home to Kitty Hawk, has a long legacy in transportation. While The Wright Brothers may have the skies, Sunway Charters specializes in the roads. Based out of Charlotte, we have quick access to our nation’s scenic highways such as Crowders Mountain Drive, with its sweeping valleys, and vibrant colors. As Autumn is fast approaching, taking a ride through the countryside certainly has its appeal.

In terms of motorcoach transportation options, Sunway offers it all, from long hauls coast to coast, to school and group travel or providing transportation for local events. And, as North Carolina is the U.S. pioneer of mini golf, which was first introduced at Pinehurst in 1961, we have a special interest in and love of golf tournaments.

But without a great maintenance program, our buses wouldn’t run safely or efficiently. Sunway Charters is a well-oiled machine, running and servicing a fleet of well-oiled machines. We have protocols and tests in place to ensure that any Sunway coach that you board is fully road-worthy and ready to roll.

Sunway Charters requires 90-day inspections for every vehicle it operates. This means that for every 90-day cycle, each vehicle is fully inspected for roadworthiness, from every interior and exterior light to every safety feature, every major component system such as HVAC, electrical, brakes, engine, transmission, and more. Sunway technicians follow a detailed checklist to ensure that every system meets or exceeds federal safety requirements. Additionally, it adds an annual inspection for every coach, as well as employing specified manufacturer-recommended mileage service intervals on all its vehicles.

Sunway Charters employs a sophisticated vehicle maintenance system designed to offer an array of features, including defect identification, compliance-based inspection scheduling, and both planned and unplanned maintenance activities. This digital platform not only optimizes the entire workflow but also guarantees that our record-keeping surpasses all requisite industry standards.

Our main tenets are Safety and Reliability. So before and after every single drive, from a few miles to across the country, Sunway drivers perform a pre- and post-trip inspection of the vehicle to ensure that all systems (lights, wipers, HVAC, etc.,) interior and exterior mirrors and cameras are in full working order, all fluids are properly filled, and that tires are checked for tread depth and elasticity to help ensure roadworthiness, as well. Additionally, both the interior and exterior of the coaches are inspected for any obvious damage.

Finally, after each trip, Sunway drivers and technicians make a thorough inspection of the vehicles to ensure that they continue to be in top-tier condition.

Sunway technicians also go through rigorous training protocols, and many have received certifications in various systems maintenance such as AC, federal inspection certifications, air brake maintenance, and more, as well as taking part in regular training provided by each vehicle’s manufacturers and national associations such as the American Bus Association (ABA.)

Sunway Charters goes above and beyond many DOT safety regulations to make sure your trip is completed without an incident. We hope that you’ll call on us for all your group transportation needs.